Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Business Growth

The AWRS franchise system has a long history of growth. To date, one third of our franchisees own more than one territory. Expansion is the key when operating any successful business. The expanding  AWRS franchisee has the support of its corporate team and its fellow franchisees every time an employee and new MRF is added. Individual success is collective success. All franchisees benefit when we cover more accounts and generate more revenue. 

Add New Technicians / MRFs

The AWRS territory was designed to have multiple technicians. A typical territory can have three or more mobile units. Overseas operators with shops simply add new technicians or route sales personnel and enhance their profits. AWRS has a manufacturing division that can quickly respond when a franchisee has new opportunities to grow and requires another mobile unit.


 We expect to have over 100 remanufacturing facilities over the next decade as franchisees migrate into this business model. Our remanufacturing model offers repair support to the mobile units when they encounter wheels that require welding or re-machining. A facility also provides a retail base and sells not only wheel repair  but also tires, chrome wheels, alternative chrome and  OEM replacement wheels both wholesale and retail. These facilities can be strategically placed to serve the franchisees around them.



Distribute F&I Products

Auto dealers' finance departments offer a huge profit potential for an AWRS franchisee who has a professional sales background or can hire sales professionals. AWRS, with strategic partners, has developed Road Hazard Insurance plans that provide the consumer repair or replacement tires and wheels damaged as a result of hitting road hazards. Those franchisees who lack the sales skills or budgets to hire a sales professional will be assigned an agent who will sell for them. Our franchisees will still benefit financially as they provide claims service and, in some of the plans, a spiff to be on standby to service the accounts.