Our Mobile Reconditioning Facility

red mrf1.jpgAlloy Wheel Repair Specialists is the only company that offers complete cosmetic alloy wheel repair and alloy wheel straightening in a fully enclosed climate controlled envoirnment. During our specialized procedures, wheels are removed from the vehicle and thoroughly cleaned.  Using restoration technology exclusive to AWRS technicians, the wheel is repaired and refinished to like-new appearance.  Only the highest quality automotive finishes are applied and the wheel does not need to be rebalanced when it is replaced on the vehicle. The MRF and our wheel repair processes exceed all OSHA and EPA enviornmental standards. A distinctive edge over the competition. 


Our Two Room "Workshop on Wheels"

The Prep & Grind RoomOur technicians break the front bead of the tire, separating it from the face of the wheel, a “must” procedure for perfect on-site repairs. This practice enables us to reach the underside of the bead for more effective repairs.  Also, the ability to spray our finishes under the bead guarantees maximum adhesion and durability. 

The Paint RoomOn a single or double top workbench, wheels are primed, painted, clear-coated and cured with short-wave lighting to return wheels to their original luster.  With safety always the ultimate concern, our downdraft paint booth is constructed with sealed electrical fixtures and approved fireproof chemical storage, assuring the utmost in comfort and security.