AWRS vs. The Competition

The AWRS franchisee network dominates the markets it services. The reasons include our technology, certified training, patented equipment and products, ongoing R&D, ongoing education and branding. Below are examples of our typical mobile competitors.


The Competition

Other Mobile Repair Units

noncompliant mrf


  • Non Compliant to Health & Safety Regulations
  • Out-Of-Date Equipment
  • Non Complaint to Enviornmental Regulations
  • No Branding
  • Non Complaint to DOT Regulations
  • No Training & Certification
  • Contaminated Painting Conditions
  • Poor Quality Standards

On-The-Car Wheel Repair Competitors

on the car wheel repair

  • 98% Repair On the Car
  • Improper Cleaning
  • Stationary repair = Low Spots & Divots
  • Cannot Repair Behind Face & Bead
  • Outdoor Spraying
          - Prohibited by OSHA & EPA
  • Increased Probability of Delamination